Terry Reid has Aretha’s full respect.

December 08, 2023



It’s true: Aretha Franklin once said, “The three biggest things coming out of England were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Terry Reid.” Just hearing that makes your jaw drop. Holy moly. And if you’ve heard the story about Jimmy Page asking Terry to front the newly forming Led Zeppelin back in the day, this is also true. And with his voice, you can see why he was Jimmy’s first choice. Throughout his career, Terry Reid has played with the best, touring with bands like the Stones and Fleetwood Mac. Today, Terry consistently demonstrates his musical prowess and remains an influential figure in the world of rock and blues. In this episode of Cardboard Sessions, he not only played the cardboard Fender Strat, his strumming made it sing. 


Thanks to a handful of local preservationists who renovated a midcentury church in the foothills of Palm Springs, we are blessed with The Church Studio. Contrasting the warm tones and wooden surfaces of a typical recording studio, The Church Studio looks more like a “supervillain lair” with a cool, industrial vibe and wide open space. And it did not disappoint. Thanks to the absolute brilliance of Terry Reid alongside Audio Producer/Engineer, Chad Shlosser and Director/Producer, Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga, Cardboard Session #19 was lose-your-mind incredible. 


Terry Reid, a British musician renowned for his powerful and soulful voice, gained recognition in the late 1960s. And what year is it now? 2023. If you don’t think time stands still for anyone, wait till you hear his voice. Terry still remains an influential figure in the world of rock and blues today. We’re absolutely honored to have him in the studio for the first time in over 20 years to record a new song that has been in his heart for a while now. The cardboard Fender Strat was truly on full display. Cheers to innovation and creativity. You are timeless.