The Cat’s Out of the Bag (And Into the Box)

May 30, 2017


With packaging continuing to grow as a multi-trillion dollar industry, it’s not hard to see that we humans love our boxes. That figure is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, as millions of boxes continue to be shipped across the world each and every day. As we’ve buzzed about before, Finland is using cardboard to send care packages to expecting mothers, and we saw its life-saving possibilities from fellow SXSW-goers this year.

But if you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the last decade, you know babies aren’t the only cuties with a crush on cardboard. Hang onto your catnip, cuz we’re about to break down the feline love affair with boxes.

A recent report from The Washington Post explains that mother cats swaddle their young to calm them, and the same release of endorphins can be seen when cats of any age curl up inside a nice, cozy cardboard box. Even when they’re inside of a box-like carrying crate, kittens that were provided with real boxes were able to adapt to their surroundings better than those without that luxury. No wonder Maru is such a corrugated lover!

That calming sensation from being snugly boxed in isn’t unique to cats; if you don’t choose the right packaging, you’ll feel some serious stress in your pocketbook and in your customer relations. When boxes are too large, you’re losing big, with:

  • Increased cost of materials
  • Increased cost of transportation
  • Increased amount of waste

You might feel the first two points immediately, but downstream the loss of trust from your customers will be far less than the cat’s pajamas.

Social media is quick to jump on brands for wasting packaging materials, so don’t take a cat nap on this one or you’ll get thrown to the dogs. Our DIM weight mobile app can help you determine the dimensional weight of your packages, and choose the best solution to minimize your packaging sizes and costs. As your packaging partner, Ernest is always thinking outside the box to keep your packaging as compact and efficient as possible. Sorry, kitties!