Meet Maru, the Corrugated-Loving Cat

April 29, 2014

In an Internet full of cats ranging from adorable to ninja to keyboard, one cat rules the hearts and minds of us here at Ernest Packaging Solutions: Maru.

If you haven’t heard of Maru, he is a Scottish Fold cat who lives in Japan and is pretty cute. But why do we love him so much? Just watch.

There are many more videos of Maru showing his complete and utter addiction to boxes of all sizes and shapes. Hey man, we totally get it, corrugated is amazing and we all just want to jump and play in it all day.

Lucky for you, Maru, there are people like us who can fight the urge to play long enough to actually make the boxes that make your world go round. Feel like running around in a refrigerator box with a double wall? We can make that happen. Or maybe you just want to do … more of whatever this is.

That’s fine, because Ernest Packaging Solutions is here for you. Kindred corrugated spirits look out for one another.

If Maru ever feels like coming to work with us in the Ernest Innovation Lab, we could definitely offer him a job testing out the boxes. He seems like he has the right stuff.

Whether you’re a curious cat or a well-organized warehouse manager, you need corrugated solutions that fit your needs. That’s where a partner like Ernest Packaging Solutions comes in. Contact us today to get started on moving your packaging forward – or if you have a couple good cat videos to share with us.