A World of Paper Unfolds at SXSW

March 30, 2017


“There we were, just surrounded by all of this technology. Computers, drones, apps, GPS trackers and every kind of technology you can imagine, and people are just flocking to the cardboard booth.” This was what Mike Martinez, Director of Design Solutions at Ernest Packaging Solutions, saw at the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB)-sponsored How Life Unfolds™ booth at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference.


We were right at home. Source

He wasn’t alone in his assessment. Mary Anne Hansan, the President of P+PB, added “SXSW attendees quickly picked up that we were there to disrupt the show calling our booth a sanctuary in a sea of technology. Seeing paper materials, corrugated and cardboard used in such unconventional ways triggered an appreciation that this material can be so much more than a simple, four-sided box.”

As one of the largest tech, music, film and innovation conferences in the world, SXSW brings together people from all walks of life. And they were all amazed by what they saw. Ernest Packaging Solutions and Mike Martinez brought the world famous cardboard Fender Stratocaster, cardboard skateboard and cardboard surfboard to the show. Ernest was in good company with other professional paper innovators that made an impression at SXSW. There were origami paper shelters for the homeless, virtual reality headsets, notepads that are used to complete an electric circuit and more.

The idea to bring innovators of paper together came from P+PB and Mungo Creative Group who wanted a way to show people what is possible with paper. Mike Martinez saw the event as a huge hit. “The response was just terrific,” he said. “People genuinely loved what we were doing and really wanted to see it, touch it, hold it and be a part of it.”

Martinez continued, “People know what packaging does – they understand the concept. When they see the cardboard guitar or surfboard, they think it’s fantastic. But for me, events like this are an opportunity to tell people about what we’re doing, and why we built the guitar, and why built a surfboard and why we do more than just sell brown boxes.”

The next time Mike and the team from Ernest Packaging Solutions asks a customer to think bigger about what is possible with their packaging, they will know that anything is indeed possible with paper. That’s why we do what we do at Ernest, and why you’ll keep seeing more amazing creations come from our Innovation Lab.

We proved we can hang with the largest tech and innovation giants in the world deep in the heart of Texas. If you are ready to see how innovation and the power of paper can transform your packaging into the next big thing worthy of a trade show floor, contact us today!