A Celebration of Ernest Wilson

June 14, 2013


It is with much joy that we look back on the incredible life of Ernest Wilson, founder of Ernest Packaging Solutions, who passed away after a brief illness last week. He was 92 years young.

Before launching Ernest Paper Products and what has become the nationwide Ernest Packaging Solutions, Ernest Wilson worked in sales for his cousin’s paper company in Los Angeles. Ernest showed his entrepreneurial spirit right from high school. It was the depression time, and Ernest had to support his mother and younger brother, Charles.  So even though he had earned a college scholarship, Ernest went straight to work to alleviate his family’s economic woes.

After his completion of military service in World War II, not one, but two different paper companies, including his cousin’s, were vying for his expertise and hoped to bring him on board. Ernest instead took the advice of his cousin, who said, “Why don’t you start your own company?” — which he did in 1946 when he founded Ernest Paper Products in a small Los Angeles garage.

Ernest made his brother, Charles, a partner when Charles returned from service, and together, they laid the foundation for a company that would grow from the small garage to accommodating locations across the country. Ernest knew it’s the people in business that matter, and he created a dedication to personalized service and innovation that has helped — and continues to help — move the packaging industry forward.

It was under his devoted leadership that Ernest Packaging Solutions persevered through boom times and tough times, alike. Ernest described the satisfaction of providing incomes for lots of people while building a major company:

“…It’s like putting a seed into the ground and watching it grow into a beautiful rose…”

Beyond his success with Ernest Packaging Solutions, Ernie will be remembered as an extremely humble and committed family man who had a passion for life and lived it to the fullest with no regrets.

Though he will be deeply missed by all, we will continue to celebrate his legacy — the wonderful memories Ernest Wilson has left behind will stay with us forever.

For more on Ernest Wilson and the Ernest Family of Companies, please watch the following video, “Business History – Ernest Packaging Solutions”: