January 01, 1970



Ernest to the Rescue (aka, ETTR) is our way of showcasing how we help our clients tackle any problem. Whether it’s a better packaging solution, a more efficient way of getting things done, or a cleaner, safer workplace, we’re at the ready to lend a helping hand.

It all started as whitepapers and written case studies. It was our way showing our clients, both new and old, that we can tackle any challenge…not just what’s listed on our website. As these partnerships continued to grow, we had an idea: why not turn these whitepapers into a video series? Not only to showcase our solutions, but to celebrate the bond between Ernest and our clients. How we collaborate with different industries. How we implement our specialized solutions. How we take on new approaches. How we solve the unsolvable. Today, when we see these success stories come to life on the big (or small) screen, it makes it even more epic for all parties involved.

But the biggest perk?

Relationships. Period. Our clients are our lifeblood, and we pride ourselves in getting to know them and their businesses on a deeper level. Which is exactly why one of our mottos is “We don’t sell boxes, we build relationships.” Our ETTR videos not only bring this credo to life. They give us the perfect excuse to talk a little shop and have a whole lot of fun with the people who make our company thrive.

Because when our clients succeed, we succeed. And by sharing their stories with the world, we’re able to give their business some well-deserved recognition, show the breadth of our capabilities and introduce our audience to a variety of solutions they never thought possible from a packaging company. It’s a win all around.



No matter the industry, no matter the problem—Ernest has the answer.

Don’t believe us? We have a lot of proof.

We helped our tech client Dragonfly Energy by streamlining and upgrading their packaging process when their orders started outpacing their operation.

For Limitless USA, a booming business selling refurbished iPads, iPhones and other smartphones, we took their packaging to the next level. Our custom inserts kept their electronics safe while another solution of ours kept those inserts and boxes in stock.

Then for Tachi Palace, we solved a pretty sensitive problem. Customers were stealing toilet paper (yes, you read that correctly). So, we not only resolved the tissue issue, but we also delivered some jan-san solutions to keep the entire place, or Palace, cleaner and more sanitary.

The solutions and clients don’t stop there.

We’ve created supply chain solutions for automotive clients. We’ve made luxury hand creams stand out for beauty products while sticking to strict guidelines. We’ve streamlined packaging processes for growing companies. At Ernest, we face the toughest challenges head on and have a ton of fun solving them. See our solutions in action by watching our ETTR videos here.


Another Ernest motto? “We solve the unsolvable.”

We got our start in packaging design and production, but our solutions have expanded over the years. Today, we cover supply chain management, process design, package design, product support and implementation and much, much more. We’ll even roll up our sleeves and handle the dirty jobs like jan-san and facility maintenance.

Our clients and their success mean the world to us, so we invite them to come to us with any issue. We never shy away from a challenge and we love figuring out the best solutions to help businesses large and small find huge success. And with Ernest in your corner, you have a partner for life, to help you keep fighting the good fight. Day or night. Rain or shine. Just pick up your cell phone, call us on our Red Phone, and we’ll be at the ready.

So, how can we help you? Let us know by filling out the form here. We can’t wait to work together and find a solution specific to your needs.