Shout out to you,

February 06, 2024

When one of the top music publications in the world gives you a shout-out, you shout right back. Holla! On December 18, 2023, featured an article about our favorite subject, corrugated cardboard. Our corrugated Fender Strat, to be exact. The article takes a walk down melody memory lane, touching on its origination, the evolution and just how many famous fingers have taken it for a ride. Give the link below a look, a listen and a giant like

From Strat to finish. (YES!)

What do ash, alder, basswood, maple and cardboard have in common? Why our famous Fender Strat, of course. Throughout the years, guitars have primarily been made out of wood until Signal Snowboards teamed up with Ernest packaging and thought outside the box and into a cardboard one. 

The Fender Strat is the first of many instrumental creations showcased in the YouTube sensation Cardboard Sessions, fit with hardware like a classic set of ‘69 pickups and beveled like one of Leo’s legendary pieces. Since its inception, the masterminds over at Signal Snowboards have created a Masters of Maple drum kit, a Fender Precision bass and a Wurlitzer electric keyboard in addition to their growing pool of corrugated guitars. Amen. 

Skeptical of how they sound? Just ask Billy Gibbons, J Mascis and Keanu Reeves (among many others.) They can clear some things up for you. Four instruments down and more to come. There’s no end in sight to the musical magic they make happen. Just add Rockstar. 

The Future is fat as hell.

We are on a mission to make sure the music never stops. If we can achieve this in our spare time, imagine what we can do for our clients. The future is looking bright for Cardboard Sessions. Stay tuned. Pun intended. 

If you are new to Cardboard Sessions, welcome and buckle up. You’ve got a lot to catch up on before the next unveiling of the latest cardboard creation. Start here to experience the adventure from day 1.