March 07, 2022



We’re proud to announce our latest impossible partnership: Cardboard Sessions. In the spirit of MTV Unplugged and the NPR Tiny Desk concerts, this never-before-heard showcase of sound is brought to you by the fearless creators at Signal Snowboards, Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga, (you know, the crew that helps us make just about everything out of cardboard).

Which means our cardboard collab comes into play. Literally. With our paper Fender Stratocaster and corrugated drum kit from Masters of Maple. But what’s the real headline here? The incredible musicians we brought in to put our cardboard instruments to the ultimate in-studio test. With original riffs and pro-engineered sound, you’ll experience the raw magic of how music is made and what can happen when artists are given a space to create freely. No rehearsal. No plan. Just a jam. Our first episode, one of many, features two close friends of the Signal family: the extremely talented Jon Theodore and Isaiah Mitchell.


To start off Cardboard Sessions, our team knew we needed some of the best. Fortunately for us, Signal has a huge network of artists–leading us to Jon and Isaiah.

Jon is a one-of-a-kind drummer. He’s a former member of the Mars Volta and currently plays drums for Queens of the Stone Age. After contributing to Bright Eyes’ 2020 album, he joined the band earlier this year as their touring drummer.

His experience? Impressive, to say the least. His skills? Explosive.

On guitar, we have Isaiah. He’s the lead guitarist for the band Earthless, a mostly instrumental psychedelic rock band from San Diego. He’s been involved with a ton of bands over the years, most recently filling in on lead guitar for the Black Crowes’ tour.

By drawing inspiration from music all over the world, Isaiah has developed his own sound. One that’s gained him well-deserved attention.

But what came out of this intimate studio session is something entirely new for both Jon and Isaiah. It’s unscripted–giving them full control of what they create and how it’s played. A dream gig for musicians, and potentially, inspiration for their next records.


First, we created our corrugated guitar. Then, came the drums. Both were a resounding success and set the stage for our Cardboard Sessions.

Whenever cardboard is near, our Senior Design Specialists aren’t far behind. They’re the innovation and creativity behind crafting these instruments (and every other corrugated piece). Their expertise and knowledge of the latest trends and technology has given Ernest the opportunity to partner with Signal and musicians to create memorable music. The kind of music only cardboard can make. And we’re not just making music, we’re making it sustainable. These instruments are made of cardboard, aka, they already have Mother Nature as their No. 1 fan.

So if you’re on your laptop, go off mute. If you’re on your phone, turn that Bluetooth® on and your headphones up. Get ready to experience what innovation sounds like on SoundCloud. And stay tuned for the next episode of Cardboard Sessions.