Senior Design Specialists: The people behind the possibilities

Always there. Always ahead of the game.

Our Senior Design Specialists are the true innovators at Ernest. They’re the people who inspired (and play a huge part in) our Cardboard Chaos and Ernest to the Rescue series. But even more than that, this dedicated team of pros work with all of our clients to help power their business—embracing the known and unknown.

Sr Design Specialists

Whether you need expert advice, custom solutions or the latest technology, the Senior Design Specialists are ready to take your company to the next level. Their deep bench of skills is unparalleled—and completely unique to Ernest. They tackle any problem, any time. From production to shipping and beyond, here’s just a short list of their areas of expertise:

  • Package design & production
  • Process design
  • Supply chain management
  • Product implementation & support
  • Jan-San
  • Facility safety

Our Senior Design Specialists don’t just partner with clients, they build relationships–helping you work smarter and business run smoother. Aka, they push your company forward.

Unmatched creativity. Unreal solutions.

At Ernest, we always push the boundaries of what’s possible. None more so than our Senior Design Specialists, the fearless team who brought Cardboard Chaos to life. So why do we do it? Well, if we can create a guitar out of cardboard, just imagine what we can do for you.

Not everyone is in the market for a cardboard creation (not yet at least). But chances are your company has a challenge it can’t overcome. That’s where our Senior Design Specialists come in with Ernest to the Rescue. We take your problems and turn them into solutions that get results.

Next stop: Solution central.

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Download the Ernest and Leatherman Case Study

How do you make premium packaging for a wearable multi-tool that really pops off the shelf? You cut up the rulebook and start from scratch.