What’s black and white and funky all over? Our fourth paper instrument.

August 23, 2023

cardboard sessions piano


The band just got bigger. And waaaaaaaay groovier. First, there was the Fender Strat guitar, then the Master’s of Maple Drum kit, followed by the badass Fender Bass. But the team didn’t stop there. What started as a garage sale special (no joke) was transformed into a creation as classic as it is creative. We are so proud to introduce the Wurlitzer electric keyboard.


Ray Charles, also known as the “Genius” and the “Father of Soul Music,” made the Wurlitzer famous in the ’50s. And wow, does it still hold up. In fact, it’s like a fine wine. It got better with age. Finding the right keyboard that would work best and the right friends to get it done took a while, but Mike Martinez and the rest of the Design Specialist team never gave up.

Enter Roberto Schilling, Grammy-winning composer, producer and Wurlitzer historian. After meeting with him and discussing the delicate operation, we knew he was the right music man for the job.


The keyboard was taken apart piece by piece. And, boy, was there a lot of pieces. Our team of experts cut, shaped, detailed and completely reimagined the casing of the classic instrument’s distinctive look. It was an intensive makeover with a lot of moving parts and a lot on the line. If every single piece was not aligned perfectly in the reconstruction, the keyboard would not play right.


The result? Mere words do not do this instrument justice. It’s something you have to hear to believe. And you’re in luck. We captured the whole magical session for your enjoyment. Brought to life by composer Roberto Schilling, bassist Sean Hurley, drummer Jake Reed and guitarist Andrew Synowiec. All in a secret-ish studio, MCJ Sound, in Los Angeles. Watch the session here. And stay tuned for more Cardboard Chaos.