April 22, 2020



Happy Earth Day from all of us at Ernest Packaging solutions. Or as we like to call it, Mother’s Day Eve. Because let’s face it, Mother Nature is one of the most awesome forces known to humankind. And we’re here to give her the respect and celebration she deserves.


At Ernest, we’ve been recycling since the beginning, even though we may not have realized it back in 1946. Because contrary to what some might think, trees aren’t cut down to make paper. Paper and cardboard have always been made from the byproducts, the scraps, of milling lumber. In fact, it’s probably one of the first recycling efforts.

So that’s one ‘R’ down. Three to go.


Today, using recycled materials is not enough. We have to reduce our carbon footprint. Which means reducing the distance those goods need to travel while cutting down on the amount of materials used to package them up.

With our 12 locations nationwide, we use our own trucks to help local businesses get their products shipped. Which means we’re working in a 100-mile radius, versus a freight company hauling the goods halfway across the country, burning diesel and daylight.

We also package things smarter with a less-is-more philosophy. There’s no need to use 10 gel packs to keep a pound of fish cold during transit. Our TempEndure technology not only keeps it fresh. It keeps it light, which is hugely important with the recent surge in E-Comm.


Plastic is a major environmental issue. At Ernest, many of our products are made from the reused kind, i.e. the stuff you take out to the curb each week. But another way we help our customers go greener is by making sure they’re not reusing the same old solutions.

Take Native Trails. They were using spray foam that turned into a hard substance to ship their high-end products. Not eco-friendly in the least. We were able to provide an equally safe and secure solution using paper cushioning.

For outdoor apparel brand Patagonia, the need wasn’t protection from breakage. They needed packaging that didn’t break from their core value, “Use business to protect nature.” And we delivered. By helping them transition from plastic to paper-only packaging.


Yep, a fourth ‘R.’ We’re constantly rethinking how to make packaging better. Because today, the item isn’t necessarily being shipped and stacked in a distribution center. It’s coming directly to your home, right from where it was ordered, through the supply chain, over the last mile and onto your doorstep for that final “Aha!” moment. Which means it has to show up unscathed, all in a lighter, sustainable package that can punch above its weight.

Is it a challenge? You bet. But we’re dedicated to getting it all done safely, securely and as fresh as possible. All while keeping sustainability in mind. And fortunately for us, just by the nature of being efficient, we’re helping Mother Nature at the same time.

Mind your mother. Go greener, here.