Why You Should Be Using Sustainable Packaging

May 01, 2012

Green sustainable

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re big proponents of environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging. And here’s why we think you should be, too.

See consumers care about sustainable packaging. They just don’t want to be responsible for the trouble, effort and bother of recycling it or the burden of paying for it.

That puts the pressure on your company to let them have their cake and not get fat from it…or however that saying goes.

Here are some things to know about making sustainable packaging a part of your packaging solutions.

Consumers judge your book by its cover. D0 you want to be seen as the reliably best-selling, tried-and-true classic, or a flash-in-the-pan paperback with some sparkly vampires on the cover? Consumers notice your packaging right away, perhaps even before they notice your actual product.  Your packaging’s Earth-friendlymessage, in fact, can have a huge influence on turning browsers into buyers.

Practice what you preach. As more and more businesses jump on the sustainability bandwagon and resort to deceptive greenwashing, consumers have become quite skeptical of the sincerity of some companies’ “greenness,” and the last thing you want is to have 60 Minutes at your door asking why you’re company thinks “greening” means tossing green plastics into the river.

Sustainable packaging can be affordable. With Ernest Packaging Solutions, sustainable packaging can be affordable. When sustainability and savings are in the same equation, that’s a big win for both you and your customers.

Think long term. By using sustainable packaging you are conveying through your actions where your company stands in regard to caring for the planet, something that many consumers take very seriously.

Looking to implement more green practices at your company? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions to see what we can do to help you.