Food, glorious food

From temperature stability to product integrity, we understand all the challenges you face with food products. Unique, effective solutions are our specialty.

When it comes to food packaging, having an expert on your side is crucial. Balancing the concerns of changing technical requirements, temperature controls, and maximizing shelf life and consumer appeal means you need a really smart packaging partner. Our experts can do all of that for you and more. With Ernest, you can stay focused on the delicacies instead of the packaging. We have a wide range of materials available that are precertified for food environments. Our testing and validation capabilities can help ensure that your product will arrive in good condition. And with our just-in-time solutions, you won’t have to worry about losing precious production floor space to storing packaging materials.

Meat packaging solutions

With over 65 years of meat-processing industry experience, our depth of knowledge in addressing packaging concerns such as minimizing moisture, saving money, and increasing pallet efficiency will get your product to market in great condition.


Dairy packaging solutions

Trust Ernest to find the right dairy packaging solutions for you. Maximize floor space and efficiency, minimize packaging sizes and quantities, optimize your whole operation. Our expert engineers help you marry the right product configurations with your systems to minimize skew and eliminate excess gluing. Ask us how.

Food manufacturer packaging solutions

Present your product and brand in a way that meets customer needs and appeals to consumers. From custom-designed packaging to eye-catching POP displays, we can help you garner shelf space and grab attention. We can even help you meet retailers’ green requirements by minimizing materials and opting for sustainable options.

Bakery packaging solutions

Get your products there in pristine condition with optimal brand presentation. We can help you develop packaging that minimizes moisture retention and addresses the specific needs of your customers. With Ernest, shipping baked goods is a piece of cake.

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