It's never been easy. But it's always been memorable.

From an LA garage to a nationwide company, we couldn't have done it without the support from our local communities. For that, we'd like to say thank you. And we'd like to share a few highlights from our journey, too.


30 days with one goal: to help others. It’s not September. It’s Givember. An entire month dedicated to giving back to those in need throughout our 14 locations across the country.

75th anniversery
75th Anniversary.

Three-quarters of a century. Inspired by a dime. Although she wasn’t always able to give her boys spare change for the movies, our founders’ mother Minnie always had 10 cents for someone in need. See how we turned that spirit of giving, that dime, into a diamond anniversary celebration.

eps community
Act locally.

Love your neighbor. Help your neighborhood. From beach cleanups to food drives and everything in between, we give everything we can to help the communities we live in.

ernest brand council
Ernest Brand Council.

Everyone has a voice here.The Ernest Brand Council, or EBC for short, is a group of fearless volunteers within the ranks of Ernest. They’re the eyes, the ears and the boots and the ground. And they make sure every single person’s voice is heard.