The Future of Corrugated Packaging

December 16, 2014

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The world of packaging is always evolving with new technology and market demands, and we at Ernest are constantly looking toward what’s next. We may not have a crystal ball or Tarot cards, but we still have some predictions on the future of packaging. We caught up with some experts in the packaging realm to get their premonitions on the future of corrugated packaging — and it’s all about the customer experience.

Scott Gardner – Liquid Agency CEO  

In a competitive market like today’s, brands must look at the many touchpoints with customers and optimize opportunities to provide an experience.

“We’re seeing such a shift of people shopping and procuring products online, and the shipping box becomes a part of the retail experience,” Scott said. “Retailers need to ensure the packaging reinforces their brand promise. Anytime someone opens a package, there’s an opportunity to have an experience with your customer.”

Consider the YouTube unboxing craze. The packaging becomes the star of the show. How does your packaging interact with your customers?

Craig Fisher – Ernest Packaging Solutions’ Corrugated Marketing Manager

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all boxes.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to customize the strength attributes of corrugate,” Craig explained. “For anything that needs protection, corrugate is the way to go.”

Oversized packaging may demonstrate wastefulness to customers, and ill-fitting packaging can lead to damaged goods. When the box fits, customers will have a better experience with the products within. Our Ernest to the Rescue series recently featured how one online flower retailer benefited from customizable and strength attributes of corrugate.

Greg Feinberg – President of Aisle 9, a leading consumer product agency

There’s a major battle for shelf space in stores. Old brands, new packaging, new brands, trendy products are all playing into the “HEY, look at me. I’m new!” game to garner consumer purchases.

“If you want to break into this marketplace—and now is a great place to do it—you can’t come in packaging yourself like a newbie,” Greg said. “You’re not going to make it.”

This is exactly where corrugated packaging comes in. Everyone judges the value of the product based on the package. Will your product look sophomoric compared to the tried and true Mercedes on the shelf? New products may only have one chance—if even that—to grab the attention of shoppers, and it all rides on the packaging.

Ultimately, the future of corrugated packaging lies in the customer experience and how packaging can interact with consumers. At Ernest, we’re a kind of clairvoyant when it comes to packaging. Let our experts help you to plan your future and grow your business by contacting Ernest today.