Cardboard Sessions Gets Magical

December 21, 2022

Guitar Wizardry at its finest. 

Cardboard Sessions double digits. That’s right; it’s episode 10. And we’re celebrating with arguably one of the best guitarists of the last 50 years, J Mascis. His sound is often imitated but never duplicated. Just refer to the Rolling Stones top one hundred guitarists lists. And if that wasn’t impressive enough already, Mascis takes us to a place Cardboard Sessions has never been before. To one-man-band land. Mascis not only rocks out on the Fender guitar, but the bass and maple drum kit as well. The ultimate threesome, hat trick, triple threat combo.

Multi-Track Mashup

A bit of alt-rock and indie, with a touch of punk and a skosh of purple sparkle. The latest episode of Cardboard Sessions is likably loud and electrifying. Mascis played all three corrugated instruments, and then the tracks were layered together to produce one special sesh. The East Hampton studio was intimate in size, but the unmistakable signature sounds were larger than life.

A Rad Resume

Not only has Mascis been rocking out for multiple decades but with multiple bands as well. Ever heard of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Deep Wound and the Velvet Monkeys? We certainly have. Mascis’s massive power chords and songwriting chops have headlined with some of the best in the biz.

For more on Cardboard Sessions and all the crazy creativity, check out episodes 1-10. Your ears will thank you.