Climb through sonic space with corrugated cardboard.

January 31, 2023


Legendary skate shoe HQ hosts psychedelic legends.

It’s Cardboard Session #11. Wowzers, we like the sound of that. Number 11 welcomes the wildly talented and just plain wild, His Eyes Have Fangs. Coming to us from the heart SoCal this psychedelic sesh featured the Van’s headquarters. Which makes all the sense; the band touts some pretty strong ties to skateboarding and rad shoes. Fun fact, the small music studio at the hub is made to look like a Vans’ shoebox.

His Eyes Have Fangs. And we think you’ll agree.

HEHF features long-time musicians Tony Alva, Rachel Rainwater, Corey Kaiser and Matt Rainwater. It’s certainly not their first time around the block or planet. His Eyes Have Fangs leaves you in a dream-filled haze wanting more, and they can deliver. In fact, Tony Alva and Ray Barbee are both legends and iconic pro skateboarders of their era. Ray’s guitar style is very much like his skate style, creative as hell. The band’s explosive modulations and visceral beats are as unique as they are unmatched. Some say HEHF’s music reminds them of a Tarantino soundtrack. Hey, Quentin, how about a little cardboard crazy in your next award-winning film?

They all came to play.

One-of-a-kind creativity was on full display as all three cardboard creations rocked the house. The Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Bass and Masters of Maple drum kit fit right in. These paper instruments can seriously not be stopped. Thanks to our senior design specialists for their minds and innovative abilities. Take a spin; you won’t be sorry.