The middle of nowhere. The epicenter of sound.

November 15, 2023


Music studio magnet.

Say hello to a hidden oasis with rockstar status. It’s Rancho De La Luna. Located 120 miles east of LA, this special spot is an amazingly cool and intimate recording studio. And famous for a million reasons, including name-dropping bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal and Foo Fighters. These heavy hitters have not only recorded music here but continue to talk about its specialness and add to its folklore. We totally get why they say there’s magic within the walls. 

Headbanging encouraged.

There was rock. There was roll. There were musical genres only you could dream of. Cardboard Sessions 18 gave us an intimate studio sesh with a lot of loud things to say. Legendary multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and studio co-owner Dave Catching kicked us into full frenzied gear. Along with an energized Joey Castillo on the drums, Strato-superstar Clint Walsh on the guitar and nice dude turned badass bassist Billy O’Connor. Aspirin not included. 

Hot Desert. Cool Cardboard. 

In this Psych Rock session, the talent was huge, and cardboard was aplenty. What do you get when you combine a classic Fender, a paper Fender Strat, a Fender bass and a Masters of Maple drum kit? One hell of a good head-banging time. It was slamming. It was gnarly. It was all kinds of rock and roll. Thank you, creativity. Thank you, innovation. Damn, you make a good pair.