Getting Up To Speed on OSHA Chemical Safety Requirements

December 17, 2013

Put on your rubber gloves and protective goggles: It’s time to talk chemical safety! But this isn’t high school chem class, and we aren’t dealing with a few Bunsen burners.

Ernest Packaging Solutions provides custom-created packaging for a wide variety of customers, and sometimes that means we are shipping and receiving chemicals. As part of new Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, companies with employees who deal with chemicals must be trained in proper use, storage, disposal and safe handling of the materials.

And since pretty much every company has someone who deals with chemicals, be they engineers or maintenance staff, it’s a pretty big deal, and Ernest is leading the way in customer care yet again.

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Seminars are led b y Ernest employees for our partners. The Ernest Buzz Blog talked with General Manager/Director of Client Relations Garry Bettencourt to get the inside scoop of these seminars.

“We supply the chemicals to customers,” Garry said. “They rely on us for information regarding use and safety of those chemicals. The info can be found on the OSHA website, but it’s pretty dense, and you have to be an attorney to understand it. We were able to get the information and make it applicable to our industry.”

The seminar covers the three phases of implementation safety standards, and it also prepares attendees on how to best inform their employees who come in contact with chemicals about the safety standards. Take a look at a few photos of our Fresno seminar on our Facebook page (and if you haven’t already, go ahead and hit the “Like” button while you’re there).

Dave Duffy, a customer relations manager for Ernest Packaging Solutions, has some hands-on experience with the chemicals covered in the safety protocols. “I did a lot of the research and I used to be a chemist for a manufacturer of some of these chemicals, so I offered to help Garry with the presentations.”

Garry Bettencourt

“They learned enough that now they can teach their employees the new safety standards and call us if we need to follow up and answer additional questions,” Dave said,  “When working on a chemical safety program, we offer onsite consultation, and that’s a service that our customers really appreciate.”

Ernest Packaging Solutions is always here to help with your packaging needs, even when the need is simply information. We can help.

If you are interested in more information, or you’d like to attend or even host one of our GHS seminars, email Garry Bettencourt at to learn more.