Hold Up the Mirror

December 05, 2011

From time to time it is necessary to step back and take stock of your situation. It’s not easy to take a deep, hard look in the mirror at what the reflection holds. Sometimes it’s pretty; sometimes it’s not. Either way, it’s important to look internally and analyze the cost of your current applications.

Bidding things out to find a lower cost doesn’t always get you the best bottom line. It’s a costly endeavor to bid everything out, especially if you use multiple vendors. Sometimes it’s better to look within at the bigger picture, instead of scouring each line item expense.

When you decide to take a look at how it all gets done, why should you hire a bunch of expensive outside consulting groups to tell you that costs need to be cut? A better solution is to find one company that provides complete consultation, and Ernest is the answer. It’s not that we are biased toward vendors. It’s just that we are biased toward customers and their needs.

Here’s Why

On average, most medium sized companies use 3-5 packaging distributors. Maybe you save a penny or 25 cents per item, or even a $1, but it takes tremendous bookkeeping costs to handle multiple vendors. Although individually they may have a slightly cheaper price, it’s going to be more expensive once you add in your internal manpower hours to invoice and manage several vendors rather than just one.

Instead, let Ernest handle everything so you won’t spend employee hours on invoicing multiple vendors. Our prices might be a little higher, but we offer quality and customer service that is second to none. When you consolidate vendors and solely invoice Ernest, you’ll actually save money when you look at the entire picture. By spending a little more up front, you save more in the long term.

Here’s What We Offer That Others Don’t

We do payment terms, most don’t. That’s because most companies are too small or too big. The big ones try to force palates of product on you. The small guys are just trying to get sales and don’t have the buying power.

We can help with your cash flow. We are big enough financially to hold customers’ inventory. We understand small companies don’t have large amounts of warehouse space. Check on your volume buy, which will store for you, and then pay for it when you pull it. This helps you to not incur additional cost because we are doing the inventory management. This gives you the ability to fill up your warehouse with product to sell. Ship out product twice a week instead, which will make you more successful.

We are local, in your community. Everything is in a stand-alone unit locally with onsite customer service to help with purchasing, accounting, the warehouse, your sales force and management. We have nine locations in Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, Salt Lake City and Portland. We employ local people so you don’t have to go to customer service in Arizona for a purchasing department in California. We are all about connecting directly with the customer from asking How your kids are doing in sports to supporting local organizations and fundraisers like Girl Scouts and other non-profit and charitable groups.

We have our own trucks. The local warehousing will check your product and you can stop by anytime from 8am to 5pm. We can also send over a report or ask our customer service do a visual for you.

We offer specific reports, tailored to each of your customers. Do you need GIT customer history? We offer weekly reports custom fit for each of your departments to meet your every need. Do you want to know how much committed inventory you have? We can do it. Pull customer history reports, year to date and last three invoices.
That means you get one invoice with back-up paperwork for accounting and billing.

Come take a tour of our facility today. It’ll change how you think.