Peep Our Packaging Pinterest Page!

December 06, 2012

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So what do hundreds of pictures say? We’re guessing…a lot. Which is why Ernest has jumped onto PINTEREST -the stunning, visual, online clipboard that’s exploding into the stratosphere.  Hot on the heels of Facebook, it’s the current darling of social media and is proving itself to be a limitless marketing tool.

Ernest Packaging Pinterest Page

Here’s our page:  Check it out and join in!  We’re sharing images, having fun with you out there and exploring how packaging is all around us – if you think creatively.  It’s nature, it’s life, it’s architecture, it’s holidays!  “The creative element is huge for people who produce products to market,” says Ernest Packaging Solutions President Tim Wilson. “It’s all about the design.”

So be part of it!  Jump on and follow us, and we will follow you right back.  Tell us what images are making you feel Pinspired! And watch out for our BE OUR GUEST board where guest pinners will have their ideas pinned onto our Pinterest page.   If you’re bored of blah blah blah and too many words, then Pinterest is just waiting for you. And we’ll see you there!