Presenting ... Us, Repackaged As Our Celebrity Doppelgängers!

February 07, 2013

Red carpet

In honor of Facebook’s Celebrity Doppelgänger Week, those of us on the Ernest Packaging Solutions team are “repackaging” ourselves as our celebrity lookalikes!

Check out EPS employees and regular Ernest Buzz contributors Tim, Michelle and Brian, repackaged as their famous twins:

EPS Employee: Tim Wilson, president | Doppelgänger: Dennis Quaid

Like Dennis Quaid in “Innerspace,” our very own President Tim Wilson is hilarious! And the pair shares dashingly good looks, to boot!

EPS Employee: Michelle Munguia, director of marketing | Doppelgänger: Bettie Page

Our girl Michelle has got a cool, retro look so reminiscent of Bettie Page, you might have to look twice to be sure who is who!

EPS Employee: Brian Porter, vice president of client relations | Doppelgänger: John Heard

Vice President of Client Relations Brian Porter is the spitting image of John Heard, who starred in the iconic ’90s “Home Alone” movies.

We love being mistaken for celebrities, but we’ll leave movies to them and they can leave customized packaging solutions to us. There are plenty of imitators out there and packaging people who try and copy our quirky style and our amazing culture. But you know you should always go with the original and never settle on a copy.