A New Ernest Challenge: Shielding Steaks From Starving Sharks

August 13, 2012

You may have thought Ernest Packaging Solutions’ President Tim Wilson had already done it all to go above and beyond in the beloved name of packaging.

I mean, good grief, he’s already looked a tempestuous hurricane in the eyegone nose-to-nose (nose-to-trunk???) with an African elephant and plummeted from a plane while rising to the challenges of finding out-of-this-world packaging results. What could possibly be left for him to do?

This time around, in honor of Shark Week, Tim and the rest of the Ernest Packaging Solutions team have been faced with a real underwater doozy.

Check out how The Challenge below:

Sigh. Just another day at the Ernest Packaging Solutions office!

As you can see, no matter what it takes, Ernest Packaging Solutions will do whatever is necessary to find the best packaging solutions possible for our clients … even if it means swimming with the sharks!

Are you looking for an innovative packaging partner that will do anything and everything — even if it’s a bit crazy! — to find the best packaging solutions for you? Contact us, Ernest Packaging Solutions, today.