Ancient Civilizations Kept Their Goods Wrapped Up Real Nice -- And You Can, Too

June 13, 2012

When you think of Easter Island, you probably think of those enormous ancient stone heads that have been sticking up out of their soil — quite possibly since before the beginning of time.

Well, are you sitting down? If you’re not, do yourself a favor and take a seat because we’ve got huge news for you. Huge. OK, here goes: Those ridiculously old, gigantic heads have bodies. Yup. Underground bodies!

A’whaaaaaat?!? Really? It seems pretty majorly weird to have only just discovered this, but better late than never!

We’ve got to hand it to the ancient people (extraterrestrials?) who built these statues. They put some serious craftsmanship into these pieces and have built them to last an incredibly long time. That, and they pristinely packaged these statues! Seriously. They packaged them up perfectly with the materials they had, and eons later when they were finally unearthed, they delivered exactly what any good package should — an excellent product that’s surprisingly good and completely intact! Ancients: You’ve got our attention, and we’re taking notes.

Those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions would like to think that we’re pretty great at packaging, too. Maybe not on the same level as those ancient aliens people, but still pretty dang solid. We love what we do. Sometimes, what we do is draw inspiration from the awesomeness of the Easter Island statues. But without a doubt, what we always do is devise packaging solutions that keep your goods — no matter how ancient or fragile — intact and pristine in the most innovative, sustainable and economical way possible.

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