Daredevils of Innovation

December 27, 2016


East Londoners recently had the opportunity to see something the world has been waiting decades to become a reality. A real working jetpack! The turbine-driven backpack piloted by commercial pilot David Mayman carried the brave gentleman to heights of 30 meters for four minutes.

After being the setting for many James Bond films, the people of London responded with a collective, “Meh, we’ve seen men in jetpacks before, and they had watch lasers too,” and then continued on their merry way.

Are jetpack couriers going to be the future of packaging and delivery? Who knows?! For now, the near future belongs to drones much like the ones already in use at some Walmart warehouses. But are jetpacks still awesome and is it a possibility some UPS man will land at your front door with your new TV? You bet! Which is why we’re talking about them on The Buzz Blog.

Regular visitors have seen our dear Tim Wilson, President of Ernest Packaging Solutions, don a death-defying suite and take flight before.


Who wore it better? (Source)

Yup, that is Tim taking on a particularly explosive packaging test in one episode of The Ernest Challenge. Watch for yourself!

Packaging something like fireworks takes expertise that many don’t have. If you have something precious you’re shipping, don’t risk turning a freight truck into a rocket ship! Know you packed it right because you have Ernest Packaging Solutions on your side.

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