Ernest Packaging Solutions' Videos Fight Their Way To The Top Of The Telly Awards

May 21, 2013

Toss some confetti into the air! Raise your glass! And how about a round of applause?

There’s cause for celebration over at Ernest Packaging Solutions, as two of our Ernest Challenge videos went toe-to-toe with the competition for 12 rounds and came out with some pretty serious hardware from the prestigious Telly Awards!  For packaging folks, a Telly may sound like British slang for various body parts, but it’s serious business in the web video, film and animation world. The Telly Awards are an international competition celebrating the very best in film and video content, and the trophies are one of the most sought-after awards in the video industry.

And we just won three. As in a trio, like the Musketeers, the Stooges or those Blind Mice.

Other winners include Motorola, Intel and other huge international brands. So what is Ernest doing playing in the big leagues? Well, our creative culture cannot be contained by boxes and bubble wrap alone, so it spilled out into our videos that continue to win awards.

Our road in the Addy’s last year was like the Little Engine that Could, no one expected much from us but we proved them wrong. Though we were robbed of victory in the late rounds then, this year we made it to the winner’s circle for another equally prestigious award. As LL Cool J said, “Don’t call it a comeback.” We’re like Rocky Balboa getting his revenge on Apollo Creed in Rocky II.

We couldn’t do this without great partnerships with clients like popchips®, who not only trust us to package their product (and to not eat it all while their backs are turned), but also to let us show the world what it’s like to work with Ernest Packaging Solutions.

And together, we are shaking up the packaging world. Because, let’s face it, if a packaging company has what it takes to win international awards for our creativity in video, imagine what we can do when we focus on our creative consulting, engineering and design solutions on your business.

For now, we’ll decorate our shelves with our new Telly awards, but what we really want to do is work for you. Contact us today.