Finding “Big” Love in the Final Ernest Challenge

November 14, 2013

Ernest Packaging Solutions’ president, Tim Wilson, has gone to the ends of the earth to test the reliability of his packaging and the solutions created by the team of expert engineers in the Innovation Lab. Tim has faced down hurricanes, elephants, sharks, sumo wrestlers and more, and the packages always come out unscathed.

Tim … well, Tim has guts. We’ll give him that.

Now, in the epic finale of The Ernest Challenge series, Tim takes on the great outdoors as well as the great missing link. Yup, we’re talking about none other than the mythical Bigfoot. Let’s see how Tim and the Innovation Lab fare!

Once again, with the help of a water-proof, air-proof and crush-proof Pelican™ hardshell case and custom-fit 2-pound polyethylene foam, Ernest Packaging Solutions wins once again. But you already knew that, because you’re smart, and that’s why we love you.

If you’re as sad as we are about these amazing challenges coming to an end, or if you just like seeing a grown man chased by a Sasquatch, let us know on Twitter or Facebook. We may be able to pull him out of Challenge-retirement, if we have a challenge worthy enough.

Ernest Packaging Solutions can take on your wildest challenge and protect your cargo with the help of a dedicated team of experts and people crazy enough to go the extra mile to test their solutions. Get started today with Ernest Packaging Solutions.