Howdy, Partner! Have You Checked Out The Latest Ernest Challenge?

March 05, 2013

You better be ready to saddle up, because the latest Challenge from Ernest Packaging Solutions is the stuff Westerns are made from — just ask Quentin Tarantino.

The new Ernest Challenge all starts with a bet for some good, old-fashioned BBQ sauce. To get ready for the upcoming Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, we’ve been charged us with a rodeo-style challenge: Can our packaging tape lasso a wild mustang?

Ernest Packaging Solutions is up for any Challenge, and this is no exception. Time to put on your boots and spurs, and follow our president, Tim Wilson, out onto the testing ground to find out if our packaging tape has what it takes!

YEEHAW! No amount of mustangs, rattlesnakes or tumbleweeds can threaten the integrity of our innovative packaging. We did quite the bang-up job with the Challenge, if we do say so ourselves!

To celebrate the successful Challenge, we think we might just pack our suitcases full of cowboy boots, jeans and western shirts and head off to the rodeo, now that we’re plenty sure our lasso skills will pave the way for us to fit in just fine.

Stay tuned for next time, when we’re back in the saddle again for another Ernest Challenge!