Just In Time

December 22, 2011

We believe Christmas should be 365 days a year. Santa’s delivering packaging just in time, and Ernest is creating packaging that makes that possible.

We offer weekly reports because we are committed to handling your inventory. You pay for it when we pull it, which helps you not to incur costs because we are doing the inventory management. This allows you to fill up your warehouse with products to sell rather than backstock.

Think of us as the Ernest elves, so you can play Santa. It’s simple as that. Your warehouse and logistics team pick the present they want and we offer a packaging solution that fits just right, so you can make the delivery to the customer sans reindeer and sleigh.

Would you really want to fuel all those reindeer and mess with the clean up anyway? That’s why you have Ernest.

We can pull your list and check it twice, by committed inventory, volume, or whatever way you’d like to look at it.

Our reporting capability is extremely flexible and customizable, which is why operation managers love us. Everyone has a different need, a different wish list, from accounts receivable to accounts payable.

Plus, our stretch-wrapping ability makes dreams come true, with extra thin, extra strong material that will put the thicker gauge older version to shame. Don’t believe us? Just ask for a cut and weight. We’ll wrap the same object twice, with thin and thicker gauge stretch wrap, and then weigh it to show you how much you’ll save per application.

Additionally, for the nice kids all over the world, we can help get your package ready to ship anywhere in the world regardless of climate or the temperature your package needs to be.

Let us spread joy and cheer the Ernest way. We do the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best. Call us today.