Our Team Is Better Than Your Team: Ernest Packaging Solutions Takes Home Best In Show

April 17, 2012


“Yo Adrian, I did it!” – Rocky Balboa

Despite over 65 years in the books as a packaging company, Ernest Packaging Solutions is still going strong and we’re still young at heart. And we’re still here because we’ve invested in our people and our culture.

That’s why we’re honored that the Ernest Edge video won Best of Show at the Addy Awards. We didn’t need the validation. We knew that we do things the right way, but it’s always nice to know that other people notice. And if it happens to be the worlds largest advertising awards competition then all the better.

We stepped in the ring with the big boys like Adobe and Intel and came out looking pretty on the other side. It’s like the movie Rocky,  (spoiler alert!) only this time Rocky won.

We won by showing who we really are and that our people matter. Take a look and see for yourself.

It takes a special kind of company to believe in their people and culture so strongly that we want to put it front and center to potential clients. It’s our people that make us, so it’s our people we show.

Oh, and Ernest Packaging Solutions ain’t no one trick pony either. We wanted to brag mention that the Edge video wasn’t our only award at the Addy’s, the Ernest Challenge Video Series also took home a bronze award. We’re not saying the vote was rigged, but come on, how can anything beat seeing our President being swept away by a hurricane?