Packaging That Can Survive Going 'Into the Storm'

August 12, 2014


(photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)

Storms are brewin’ — both in real life and at the movie theater — and we don’t just mean Sharknados. Now that we’re in hurricane season, Hollywood is bringing more wild weather in the new movie “Into the Storm”.

The disaster blockbuster features a city trying to survive an EF5 tornado. (The Enhanced Fujita scale only goes to 5, so — yeah — an EF5 is a big one.) The characters do everything they can to keep themselves safe, just like we do everything we can to keep your packages safe.

At Ernest we know a few things about water-resistant packaging that can withstand pretty severe weather. Our president, Tim Wilson, even protected an antique lamp from a hurricane!

Simple packaging is great if you assume that your weather will always be sunny with a zero percent chance of rain. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always play by those rules. Water and wind can really give your items a heavy beating. The engineers in our Innovation Lab can make sure that your prized possessions can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

Whatever the weather, we’re always up for a new challenge. Contact us to tell us how we can help you with your packaging needs today.