Packaging Yourself To Survive an Attack From Godzilla

May 15, 2014

Godzilla, the Japanese monster that has enamored creature feature film fans for 60 years, is starring in yet another summer blockbuster. This time, he’s bigger and badder than ever. Don’t believe us? Check out this graphic comparing the size of Godzilla’s over the years.


That guy on the right? That’s the 2014 Godzilla. Pretty cool, huh? Well, not if you’re in the way of this 500-foot behemoth – then it is most assuredly un-cool. Luckily, you have expert engineers at Ernest Packaging Solutions who know how to protect packaging against the variety of destructive powers that Godzilla brings to the table.

Biting Power

Let’s see how Ernest stood up against another toothy terror in this shark-infested water Ernest Challenge:

Heat Rays

Technically Godzilla has a radiation heat ray, rather than a fire-breathing dragon power, but no matter what the source, Ernest can protect your product from heat, just like we did in this fireworks challenge:

Crushing Power

Hard impacts are a part of shipping – and a part of fighting Godzilla – so let’s see how we did in the sumo challenge. (Spoiler alert: We did awesome).

Other Creatures

And finally, in order to beat mythological creatures, you need to know them. Ernest President Tim Wilson got to know Bigfoot a little too well in the ultimate showdown:

Sure looks like we’ve got what it takes to keep you safe during a Godzilla tour-de-force. If you want to be ready for any challenge, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today and be protected against any natural disaster tomorrow.