Packing Tape Playground Takes Shape

June 14, 2016


If you’re a packaging design fan in the Pennsylvania region, you may want to head out to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and check out what they are up to. Minnesota artist Eric Lennartson and a handful of volunteers have finished up their “TapeScape” installation. We would have gone with “Supreme Tape Mountain of Awesomeness”, but to each their own.

And, boy, does it look amazing!

The two-story climbable, scaleable, playable structure contains over 10 miles of tape with sticky sides stuck together. After a few layers are added the entire piece becomes remarkably strong – even strong enough for an adult to do a rock n roll power slide.


Not Pictured: A Rock n Roll Power Slide (Source)

This durability isn’t magic; it’s engineering. Lennartson didn’t use 10 miles of tape because it was on sale at a wholesale retailer—all that tape serves a purpose. The weight and pressure of all those kids (and over-enthusiastic packaging people) jumping about is distributed around the entire structure so no single area gets more than it can handle.

This isn’t the first time we’ve Buzzed about packaging material art, nor the first time we have seen tape take on an engineering challenge. Our own President Tim Wilson stepped up to a packaging showdown the size of Texas and came out (mostly) unscathed.

If you want people who know how to turn packaging supplies into engineering masterpieces and designs worthy of an art exhibit, you know who to call. Well, just in case we weren’t clear, that means: Call us, Ernest Packaging Solutions. We know the ins, outs and in-betweens of custom package design and are ready to get you out of any sticky situation.