Protecting the President? We're Up to the Challenge

April 10, 2014

Let me tell you about “The Beast.” That’s the nickname given to the president’s motorcade car, and rightfully so. The converted Cadillac exterior (while the chassis, engine and transmission are more in line with a commercial freight vehicle) has 8-inch-thick armored doors, 5-inch bulletproof glass, run-flat wheels, an advanced com station and night vision.

That’s just the info that isn’t classified. The Beast probably has some kind of James Bond turn-into-a-helicopter button and has a horn that plays the guitar solo from “Free Bird.” All five minutes of it, because America!

Now, the Secret Service is accepting bids for companies seeking to create a new presidential limo. Hmm … who out there knows about protecting precious cargo, and has creative and super-smart engineers who work with a variety of mediums?

How about Ernest Packaging Solutions? Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

We’re pretty confident in our ability to create a custom packaging solution no matter what is being shipped, and our customers would attest to that, as well. No challenge is too tough and no customer too particular for us.

We could even make a paper version that is completely recyclable and still offers ruggedness, like we recently did with a corrugated snowboard. If nothing else, we’d at least put some killer flame decals all over that bad boy so people know what’s up.

Looking for a packaging partner that treats your products like they’re the most important objects in the world? Ernest Packaging Solutions is like the Secret Service for you, only without the black ties. Contact us today, and let’s start moving packaging forward together.