Protective Packaging Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

November 29, 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the—HEY I WAS WAITING FOR THAT PARKING SPOT!!

Oh, Black Friday shopping … such an, um, exciting annual event. With door busters, crazed shoppers and parking lot clusters, it’s a wonder people even leave their homes without some kind of body armor. Well we have just the person to talk about protective clothing, Ernest Packaging Solutions President Tim Wilson.

Tim has suited up and survived it all in the Ernest Challenge video series. He has taken on sharks, wild horses, a hurricane and even none other than the mythological Bigfoot himself. So we asked him to give us his tips for protecting Black Friday shoppers from an army of shopping-cart-wielding extreme shoppers all hopped up on eggnog and holiday spirit?

Suit of Armor

Tim Says:
Pros: Durable, sleek, no one will question your British accent.
Cons: Heavy, limited visibility, rust.

Deep Sea Diving Suit

Tim Says:
Pros: Scary, Steampunk Chic is totally in this year.
Cons: Tripping hazard from the oxygen tube.

Fencing Suit

Tim Says:
Pros: Extended reach with your blade, good visibility.
Cons: Beekeeper jokes.

The Winner: Riot Gear

Tim Says:
Pros: Intimidation, flexibility, black is very slimming.
Cons: Anti-Black Friday protesters.

Now that you have got a professional’s perspective, get out there and get those deals! If you survive the madness, which we know you will, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions and let our Innovation Lab know if you’re ready to protect your packaging all year long, no matter the challenges you may face.