Repackaging WILD ANIMALS! The Human Zoo

November 15, 2012

Seems pretty ironic seeing humans in a cage, doesn’t it?

It appears that because President Tim is always challenging himself to ship your products to far-away places and keeping them away from WILD ANIMALS like sharks, the creatures of the wild are striking back! Rawr! Look at this pack of mighty tigers trying to ship these humans on Buzz Feed. Who KNOWS what they may be in for!

So do you think these WILD Zookeepers of Humans will do a good job caring for their “animals”? Or do you think they’ll try to treat them as an afternoon snack?

Talk about payback. These guys must have heard from the hungry sharks Tim dodged this summer.

We think this role reversal is a super fun way to repackage zoo life! And just in time for Halloween. Will ZOO ANIMALS dress up as humans?

We are fans of ALL innovative supply chain and shipping solutions. So as long as these caged humans arrive safely to their destination, we’re all about it!  For more creative packaging solutions, visit our blog.