Shipping Food For The London 2012 Games

August 10, 2012

The Ernest Packaging Solutions team loves London 2012. The drama! The athleticism! The sportsmanship! The teamwork!

But every time we tune in to watch the action unfold, our nerdy brains can’t help wondering: How did all the athletes’ stuff get to London? Seriously, that’s a lot of stuff to pack up and ship!

Horse sausage

And some of the items that needed to get to London are especially delicate … and weird. Like the horse meat sausages — known as “kazy” and “karta” — sent to London for the Kazakh wrestlers and weightlifters. The sausages are a staple of the Kazakh athletes’ diets, according to The Telegraph.

However, getting perishable horse meat to London safely and on time would be quite the challenge and take a special kind of packaging.

And at Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re certainly no stranger to challenges! We’ve got the creativity, innovation and custom-designed insulated packaging, called TempEndure, that it takes to clear the monumental hurdle ( … get it? Hurdle!) of shipping horse meat and other food items to the Games.

In fact, we have faced bigger hurdles in the past and came out as champions for our customers, so let us compete! Hey, teams! Need a hand for Rio? Call us!

Until then, we’re tuning back into the Games. Go USA!