Take A Trip To The Innovation Lab And Get Creative Like 3M

July 17, 2012

Not everyone is born with the creative juices freely flowing. Every once in a while, it pays to look around at what the most successful brands do to innovate. We’re not telling you to be a copycat. (MEOW!) But take into account these tactics from IndustryWeek’s article on 3M.  

3M logoAt 3M, “A culture of innovation means that senior management encourages employees to spend a significant portion of their time on products and research that go beyond their usual scope of responsibilities.”

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we are more than just packaging experts. We’re staffed with expert engineers who are knowledgeable on science. They can also cook up creative ideas in the Innovation Lab, which is part of what makes us one-of-a-kind.  Our dedication to creating new and awesome ideas daily keeps us ahead of the packaging crowd.

“Think Different.” The tagline of one of the world’s most famous brands says it all. You have to think outside the box, create a different and innovative brand in order to get people to catch on. Ernest Packaging Solutions has employed these as a part of our company culture.

Just take our Ernest Challenge videos for example. C’mon!! Do you know any other company that wraps their CEO in a bubble wrap suit to test new products? (Not to worry! He’s safe, AND the package of PopChips is still delicious.)

So step into the Ernest Packaging Solutions Innovation Lab with us, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. WORDPLAY!