Throwback Thursday — The E-Team: Undercover at PACK EXPO

September 18, 2019


Get on the edge of your seats, because PMMI’s PACK EXPO 2019 is right around the corner! Check out our eyewitness account from last year, and rub shoulders with the real E-Team as we check out the future of packaging in Las Vegas.


You’d better shrink wrap your socks to your feet, cuz they’re about to be blown off. Two weeks ago was PACK EXPO, the biggest, baddest packaging convention in the U.S. The expo had the privilege of having the Ernest team in attendance, and we brought so much heat you’d think it was summer.

PACK EXPO International 2018 brought together 2,500 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees from around the world, representing various verticals in the marketplace. The trade show is run by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), whose membership includes more than 800 manufacturers, suppliers and service providers who develop innovative manufacturing solutions.

Basically, it’s PMMI’s job to unite the packaging industry across the manufacturing supply chain — and the E-Team was on the scene at PACK EXPO to unite their fists with anything that stood in their way!

PACK EXPO E-Team main event

Surprise, suckas! We’ve got your main event right here!

Yeah, you’d better believe the E-Team crashed the show and put the “win” in “Windy City”! Despite being hunted by the authorities for the crime of moving packaging forward, Cornflake and Porterhouse broke their cover to lead our team of packaging mercenaries into the lion’s den. Their mission? Disrupt the tired old “here’s our machine” rigamarole that happens at so many trade shows, and cause some chaos before their enemies catch on.

PACK EXPO E-Team interview

The E-Team talks the talk AND walks the walk.

It wasn’t all hostile faces, though — the E-Team got to meet Professor Packaging, the star of Sealed Air’s “Will It Break?” series. After the mutual starstruck bravado wore off, Cornflake gave the good professor a friendly reminder: that he’ll find himself on the receiving end of Porterhouse’s beefy knuckles if he swipes another idea from the Ernest Challenge!

PACK EXPO E-Team and Professor Packaging

Professor Packaging and the E-Team: book smarts meet street smarts.

Once the E-Team flew the coop, the real Ernest team got to work. Our dedicated staff made the trek to Chicago to see the future of automation in the packaging industry. They got the chance to rub elbows with suppliers, set appointments for our clients looking for automation solutions, and learn all there is to know about improvements to packaging manufacturing. The E-Team kicked the show into high gear, but the Ernest team can help you kick your old box of bolts to the curb.

PACK EXPO E-Team and Ernest team

We’re here for packaging and @$&-kicking.

Automation is an important step in future-proofing your business, but it’s just one solution Ernest offers to improve your manufacturing and shipping process. Hit the ground and go behind the scenes with Ernest President Tim Wilson and the two head honchos of the E-Team: Cornflake and his sidekick Porterhouse, to see how we approach Process Design — with a vengeance!

Still need proof that Ernest and the E-Team are the baddest mamma-jammas around? Head to the front lines and watch the masters at work. E-Team’s the name, and automation design and implementation is their game. Hit the lights, hit that hired thug square in the kisser, and hit the play button!

When Ernest and the E-Team collide, your packaging problems are in for double trouble. Will our favorite packaging mercenaries return at next year’s PACK EXPO? Or will the authorities corner them for good? Keep your eyes on this spot for all things E-Team, and learn more about PMMI to call for backup!