The Ernest Challenge: Protecting Your Priceless Vase (And Your Peanuts, Too)

January 18, 2012


At some point or another in life, many of us will encounter some pretty weird challenges involving transporting a Certain Odd Something from Point A to Point B. And sometimes, the mode of transportation for that Certain Odd Something isn’t immediately and abundantly clear.

Whether its getting a carton of cobra eggs to its final destination or something entirely different, it’s a good thing Ernest Packaging is here to help.

So here’s the situation: You’ve been entrusted, for some reason or another, with shipping a priceless, fragile vase — pronounced “vahz” so you know it’s expensive– to Africa.

Also it’s filled with peanuts. Of course.

This sounds easy enough. But guess what? There are wildly aggressive elephants in Africa. Guess what else? These barbaric elephants like their peanuts and will stop at nothing to get them. This is about the time you’re starting to wonder why your lovely mother-in-law can’t just buy a new vase in Africa, rather than having this one shipped.

What to do?

Well, your predicament sounds like a challenge Ernest Packaging would love to tackle. In fact, our president, Tim, already has your solution. Tim headed into the Innovation Lab to wrangle up your best shipping options, then went on ahead and tested the strength of the materials, too. Trust him. He’s risked life and limb to get you the answer!

No big deal. Charging elephants, pointy tusks, peanuts in danger — all in a day’s work at Ernest.

Below, check out a reenactment of Tim’s treacherous tango with an African elephant.

At least the vase comes out unscathed.