Tim, a Sumo Wrestler and a Teapot Enter the Ring ... Who Wins the Latest Ernest Challenge?

September 12, 2013

We know that sushi is all about tightly wrapping the fish. But can you imagine what it must feel like? In our latest Ernest challenge, we squeeze and test the limits of our packaging. And what better way to do it than against the 7-time world champion sumo wrestler, BYAMBA?! Our goal? To protect a Japanese teapot from harm in the dohyō…yeah we’re talking the SUMO RING!

So, Tim fix up your chonmage (traditional sumo haircut) and put on your ermmm mawashi loincloth and let’s see some skills!

Awesome – the teapot made it!! But it looks like Tim is going to be watching the 2013 US Sumo Open from the sidelines this time. Nice try with the “let’s get thrown at the window move!!” But Byamba get ready! We will be closely rooting for you because if you win that 8th title it will make that rematch oh so sweet! That’s right, we’re calling you out! Like Ernest Packaging Solutions, we love challenges and to us a first smack down is just a step in the process to succeed!

Now let’s raise a cup of green tea to Pregis Microfoam. Our precious tea pot would have certainly been crushed by Byamba’s kimarite (winning techniques) without it.

Congrats to the Ernest Packaging Solutions team … the strength of our packaging can’t be denied! Looking for a packaging partner that can hold up under the most intense pressure? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!