3 Classic School Supplies ... Repackaged!!!

August 27, 2013

School is starting up again, and while new classrooms, new classmates, new teachers and new subjects are *pretty* exciting, perhaps the most thrilling thing of all is … NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

Seriously, what can beat the awesomeness of shiny new school supplies, especially when they’ve been repackaged in innovative new ways?

As packaging experts, we *love* knowing that products can be used for the same purpose for years and years, but with a little imagination and repackaging, they can become intriguing again. That really keeps our job exhilarating!

Take a look at these “repackaged” supplies to see what we mean!

Sandwich bag

This sandwich bag is oh-so-cute, and because it’s re-usable, it’s earth friendly, too! It’ll go great with your super-rad lunchbox.


We’d probably avoid using these for collages in art class … after all, we wouldn’t want to risk having our scissors upstage our final piece of art!

Sushi flashdrive

So maybe the flashdrive isn’t a “classic” school supply for most grownups, but for today’s kids, they are pretty “old school!” This one is an awesome update on the boring old thumb drive.

Looking for a packaging partner that not only appreciates spanking-new updates to old products, but also makes those ground-breaking innovations in-house? Look no further than Ernest Packaging Solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

Have a great school year, everyone!