5 Lessons from Wilson to Wilson

June 16, 2016


With Sunday being Father’s Day and today being Ernest CEO, Mr. Charles Wilson’s, 92nd birthday (that’s right, 92!), we couldn’t think of a better time to reflect on what being a family business really means for Ernest Packaging Solutions. So we asked president Tim Wilson to tell us the favorite lessons he’s learned from his father, Mr. Wilson. Saying he could write a book on the subject, he narrowed it down to five. And here they are, in Tim’s own words:

Every day is precious and you need to remember how lucky you are. This comes from his heart and soul. He was a child of The Depression, lost his father when he was 10 and the family had nothing. His older brother could not go to college because he had to work and they were able to build this company out of nothing.

Give more to others than to yourself. Be humble and you will get back tenfold. My father is amazing at making everyone comfortable. Not only the powerful but the little guy as well.

Enjoy what you do and do not settle. This goes back to lesson one.

Education is the key. He was very lucky as the GI Bill supported his dream of becoming an attorney. He had no money but certainly the desire to learn, which he still reads up on current trends today.

Give back and stay active – whether it is involvement in the community or mentorship.

We invite you to read more about our beloved Mr. Wilson in this previous Buzz Blog interview from Veteran’s Day. Mr. Wilson is the recipient of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for saving the life of one of his comrades in battle.

Did we mention that this blog published on his 92nd birthday? Happy Birthday, Mr. Wilson!


We also recommend you take the time to relive the legacy of Ernest Wilson. See how two brothers were able to make a lasting impression on the world through paper, creativity and a lot of caring for their fellow man.


Happy Father’s Day to everyone out there in the Buzz Blog world!