A Tale of Two Buildings

July 30, 2013

It was the biggest of buildings, it was the smallest of buildings …

No matter how big or how small your product is — you need to get the packaging right. For example: Have you heard about the New Century Global Center in China? It’s the  largest building ever created.

In its 18 million square feet of floor space, you will find a sandy beach, a shopping mall, a hotel, movie theaters, office space and more. The  building’s tag line is “One of Everything” — including its own gravitational pull (probably).

Or maybe you’ve heard about Chris and Malissa Tack’s home. In its 140 square feet, you’ll find a bed, some books and a cat. Their tag line is “It’s my turn to use the chair” (probably).

What can these marvels of modern living teach us about packaging? Simple: When it comes to packaging, it’s all about what you *need* and the statement you want to make. A package is a reflection of your brand and at Ernest Packaging Solutions, we know  how to appeal to your target audience — whether they value extravagance, like the New Century Global Center, or simplicity, like Chris and Malissa Tack’s home.

So what does your packaging say about you? Give Ernest Packaging Solutions a call and see how our experts can make your packaging scream your story. But not literally, that’d be annoying!