Aloha, Maria Buchanan!

April 05, 2013

Maria Buchanan

It is with the deepest of warm wishes (and quite a bit of sadness) that we announce the retirement of the outstanding and beloved Maria Buchanan, Corporate Director of Merchandising at Ernest Packaging Solutions.

Though it seems like she just started yesterday, the members of the Ernest family have been blessed to work alongside Maria for a wonderful 24 years.

When she first came to us from Unisource, Ernest Packaging Solutions consisted of about 30 people in total; what a major statement for a big-time person to come take a chance on little Ernest! And boy, has she made a difference and influenced our company history.

“Through her support, knowledge, passion and connectivity, we were able to negotiate deals that were better than even the biggest competitors,” says President Tim Wilson.

As the company has grown and grown, she’s been right there in the mix, helping spread our company’s culture to newly acquired divisions, all while leaving her own mark and becoming quite the industry icon in her own right.

“To say that she will be missed is an understatement,” Wilson said. “However, to celebrate the achievements that she had done is a gift that we all share in.”

We extend our deepest appreciation to Maria and wish her well as she embarks on her next journey — retired life — at the end of April. As a retiree, Maria will be spending quality time with her husband, Mark, and her children and grandchildren, as well as venturing to her second home in Hawaii.

Aloha, Maria! We’re so proud to count you as a member of the Ernest family.