EPS Gives Back To Community for Family Literacy Night

July 23, 2013

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re always looking for ways to get involved in community events. Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to donate bags of Plentils chips to Family Literacy Night at Los Angeles, California-based Buchanan Elementary School.

Cool books? Check. Tasty treats? Double check. Awesome kiddos? TRIPLE CHECK!

The chips, which are made by a client of Ernest Packaging Solutions’ sister company, Aisle 9, provided a delicious and healthy snack for the students as they tackled book after book. The students ate them up. Literally and figuratively.  

An added bonus? We had the pleasure of receiving some wonderful handwritten responses from the school’s students about the chips!

“I like crunchy things like your chips,” Maritza wrote. We agree, Maritza. Crunchy is nice!!

“We ate them, and we all thought that they were so so so good,” said student Giselle.

Check out more of their funny and thoughtful responses—as well as their artwork—below.

Plentils letter

Plentils letter

Plentils letter

Plentils letter

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