Ernest Gets Its Rodeo On

March 06, 2014

What does a packaging company based in LA know about rodeos? After all, we don’t even pronounce our Rodeo Drive correctly … “Row-Day-Oh?” We still love the rodeo, but why?

The answer is because we’re not your average packaging company, and our offices go from coast to coast. We even have an Ernest Packaging office down in the heart of America: Texas, where the personalities (and belt buckles) are as big as a longhorn.

That’s why we’re so pumped for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo happening now, due to solidarity with our brisket-loving family in the Lone Star State.

Nothing says you believe in your product like putting it on and saddling up on a one-ton beast. Our customers know that the expertly engineered packaging we provide lasts more than the eight-second goal of a bull rider. We ensure your solution lasts as long as it needs – but not going into packaging overkill to the point that you’re overpaying for your packaging.

A milk box needs to last only two days; we design the material to do just that, which looks very different than a product designed to live in its packaging for six months or more.

Contact us today to get started on your next innovative packaging solution, we’ll keep moving your packaging forward … and that’s no bull.