Givember: School Supplies for Success

November 19, 2018

Givember — Ernest at Montebello Park Elementary

As a family-owned company, and a company that’s like a family, helping children is a cause that’s close to all of our hearts here at Ernest. Inspired by our CEO Mr. Wilson’s assistance to those affected by a series of hurricanes last year, alumni of the Ernest Brand Council banded together to turn this year’s back-to-school September into “Givember.”

For a month and a half, representatives from each of Ernest’s 12 divisions collected school supplies to donate to disadvantaged schools across the nation. These schools are doing their best to help underprivileged students, but are working with limited resources — going without supplies like notebooks is a reality for thousands of children in our country.

Givember — Ernest Houston

Ernest’s Houston division at a local elementary school

But Givember’s goal wasn’t just to give paper and pencils to students; it was to give them a chance at a better life. Many of the children who attend these schools belong to homeless families that may not have the ability to support their child’s educational development. The classroom is a sanctuary where each child can work toward a better future, and the school supplies we take for granted each day can truly change a life.

One school right in Ernest HQ’s backyard is Montebello Park Elementary, which prepares over 700 students for academic success each year. Here’s what Principal Gina Andujo had to say:

“When a company like Ernest provides funding support, it gives us an opportunity to spend our school funding in other places, such as programs on literacy. Having these supplies will help our students in our classrooms.”

Principal Andujo’s words echo our own sentiment: that supporting students directly in the classroom is the greatest way to lift them up and open opportunities for the future.

Givember — Ernest at Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary

Ernest’s Phoenix division at Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary

Students have so much to be excited for this semester at Montebello Park. Not only did the school launch new core adoptions to their English and Math programs, but they also introduced a new program to help kids start writing. With school supplies taken care of, teachers can focus on the programs that will help their students overcome adversity.

“The teachers and students at Montebello Park Elementary were so excited to receive the school supplies from Ernest,” shares Principal Andujo. “As a principal, it makes a big difference to have a company understand that all kids deserve an education.”

Givember — thanks from students

Givember — thank you poster

At Ernest, we are so thankful to have the means to make a difference — not just in packaging, but in the lives of future generations. If your company is interested in helping one of these underprivileged schools or would like more information about the plight of homeless children, please contact your local Ernest branch. Together we can put a child on a brighter path.