Gold Medal Packaging for Winter Olympians

January 09, 2014

We’re getting geared up for the Winter Olympics over here in Ernestland. By that, we mean we are trying to figure out why they would ever get rid of Ballet Skiing as an Olympic Sport.


But we’ll leave it to the sporting savvy to decide what is worthy of the Sochi games, and instead, Ernest’s expert packaging engineers and consultants can focus on what really matters: packaging efficiency and protection.

See, when men and women speed skiers are hurtling down mountains at speeds of more than 150 miles per hour, they need packaging that lets them cut through air but still protects them from harm. In addition to aerodynamic (and very sturdy) helmets, these skiers have dense foam fairings covering their lower legs and suits made of air-tight latex or polyurethane coating to minimize wind resistance.

Indoor speed skating body-suit technology has shaved seconds off of previous world records in recent years, and skeleton racing (which resembled head-first sledding at more than 80 miles per hour) also employ speedsuits, protective helmets and nerves of steel.

When you’re watching the Sochi Winter Olympics next month, or just watching “Cool Runnings” for the twentieth time, take a look at all of the ways athletes are packaging themselves for victory. In sports as in packaging, it’s all about protection and minimizing weight to increase efficiency.

Think your packaging solutions could use a little technological know-how for better performance? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today and see how we can protect and ship your goods … and do it with weight reduction and efficiency.