Harrison Ford’s Most Memorable Packaging Moments in Cinema

May 23, 2013

We know good packaging when we see it, whether it’s in a store, in a warehouse or even in a movie. With that in mind, we took off our geeky packaging engineer glasses and instead grabbed a bowl of popcorn to revisit some of our favorite Harrison Ford packaging moments in film.

Why him? We just love Harrison Ford. Do you have a better idea? No, seriously, we’d love to hear it. But until then, may we present to you … Harrison Ford’s Most Memorable Packaging Moments in Cinema


1. Presidential Escape Pod – “Air Force One”

After Air Force One is taken over by terrorists, President Marshall (played by our boy Harrison Ford) is thought to have escaped the danger in an escape pod — which the Air Force says totally doesn’t exist. In reality, he didn’t get in the pod, and in poor turn of events for the hijackers, stayed on board looking for revenge.

Our thoughts: Building a pod that could protect the most powerful person in the world being dropped out of an airplane sounds like it would be a great Ernest Challenge.

2. Nazi-Killing Ark – “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”

In the climactic scene, maybe the most prized package in the entire world, aka The Ark of the Covenant, which will make any army indestructible, is opened in an ill-advised attempt to check out the contents.

Our thoughts: They should probably make sure that lid is securely fastened from now on, and they may want to add a “THIS END UP” or a “Don’t open unless you want your face melted off, unless you’re Nazis, in which case, go ahead and open it, bro!” warning signs.

3. Nuke the Fridge – “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

What do you do when you’re about 10 seconds away from being in ground zero of a nuclear blast? If you’re Harrison Ford, you grab the nearest lead-lined refrigerator and hold on for dear life in one of the most absurd movie moments of the decade.

Our thoughts: This packaging moment has it all; not only does it keep radiation from harming our dear Indy, but it also takes the impact of the crash, protecting the cargo. 

4. Frozen Carbonite – “The Empire Strikes Back”

Of course we had to put this at number one on our list. When the evil Jabba the Hutt sealed Han Solo in carbonite, preserving his freshness and dry-cool wit for years to come, he raised the bar on preserving the shelf life of his product.

Our thoughts: We agree with Jabba, a frozen Harrison Ford would make a great decoration. The point of packaging is to tell you what’s inside while protecting the contents, and this “package” really takes the cake.

Here at Ernest Packaging Solutions we can’t stop thinking about packaging challenges, even when we’re watching movies. We’re always thinking about ways to make our clients happy. Want to know more? Contact us today.